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Garage doors for residential use are commonly divided into up-and-over doors and sectional doors.

Thanks to the new control systems automating garage doors is easier and easier: installing the gear motor, which is already equipped with a control unit and the chain or belt transmission drivers, extremely silent, is sufficient in order to obtain a 'made-to-measure' solution for every kind of door.

An automated garage is ideal if you require great comfort and safety; you can exit the garage into the street and viceversa without having to get off your car; a sudden heavy rain, an act of vandalism: the automation allows you to put your car into your safe garage in a quick way.

The motorizations are always equipped with a courtesy light which allows you to light the garage and make the access safer.

Automations are usually powered by 230 V and 24 Vdc, which, thanks to the low voltage, allows their functioning to be safer.

The automation system can be chosen depending on the type and dimensions of the garage door.

Does the garage door which needs to be automated open outward?

It's a projecting up-and-over door, it’s made of a single-block and moves outward, jutting out compared to its position when it’s closed.

Does the garage door which needs to be automated open completely inward?

This is the case of a non-projecting up-and-over door and its movement does not make the door jut out.

This type of door is the ideal solution in presence of arc holes or if the garage leads into a pedestrian entrance or directly into the street.

Does the door which needs to be automated run parallel to the ceiling without jutting out?

The sectional door, as the name suggests, is made of several horizontal sections secured one to another which run on rail tracks.

The door rises vertically and slides parallel to the ceiling without jutting out or moving inward, making the whole outer and inner space available.
This solution is ideal if the door leads into a pedestrian entrance or directly into the street.

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The wireless Nice Era touchscreen can manage all home automations, thanks to remote control of a maximum of 99 single controls.

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The HSCU control unit is the most comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions.

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Nice control systems enable simple management of all swing gate movements.

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The sliding gate can be operated by a radio control, with the aid of a digital or key-operated selector, or directly via mobile phone.

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Barrier gates are what you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.

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Shutters can be raised or lowered at the required time, even when no-one is at home.

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