Equicare Company Egypt :


  • Galva Metal Obour
  • Cemex Cement Abu awash
  • Servier Pharmaceutical 6th October
  • Shabrawy Factory Guisr El Suez
  • Temsah 10th Ramadan
  • El Ahram Beverage Obour
  • Amoun Pharmaceutical Obour
  • Simens Belbais
  • Three Chefs Factory Obour
  • Giza Storage Abu Rawash

Compounds entrances and exits:
  • Katameya Heights
  • Guezira
  • Mena Garden City
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast
  • Diplomats North Coast
  • Utopia 6th October
  • City View
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast

Car Service Centers:
  • Eveco Omatra Abu Rawash
  • Automotive Obour
  • Automotive Alexandria
  • Honda Guisr El Suez
  • Honda Abasseya
  • Nissan Auto Egypt

  • “Mazika” building Mohandessin
  • Nile Sat
  • Nile Production City
  • Chinese Cultural Center
  • El Nasr Farm
  • French Museum for Oriental Archeology
  • American Embassy FBO Maadi
  • American Embassy 11/11 Zamalek
  • Dar El Shorouk Library Roxy


  • Credit Agricole Assiut
  • Credit Agricole Mohandessin

  • Bulgarian Embassy
  • Tunisian Embassy
  • Indonesian Embassy

  • Katameya Heights Golf Club
  • Mohamed Aly Abu Seir
  • Arabella Country Club
  • Palm Hills

Private Villas at various compounds:
  • Katameya Heights
  • Solaimaneya
  • Town House
  • Tara
  • El Rabwa
  • Yasmine Green Land
  • Beverly Hills
  • Garana
  • Palm Hills
  • Palm Pyramids
  • Guezira
  • Mena Garden City
  • Dream Land
  • El Nakhil El Shorouk
  • El Karma
  • El Rehab
  • Wady El Nakhil
  • Town House 2000
  • Golf El Obour
  • King Mariout
  • Belle Ville
  • Arabella
  • Katameya Residence
  • El Ahram Gardens
  • Andalusseya Shorouk
  • El Gouna Hurghada
  • El Rief El Oropy
  • ElAhram Garden
  • Lake View
  • Swan Lake

The wireless Nice Era touchscreen can manage all home automations, thanks to remote control of a maximum of 99 single controls.

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The HSCU control unit is the most comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions.

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Nice control systems enable simple management of all swing gate movements.

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The sliding gate can be operated by a radio control, with the aid of a digital or key-operated selector, or directly via mobile phone.

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A simple click is sufficient to open the garage door without having to get out of the car!

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Barrier gates are what you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.

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Shutters can be raised or lowered at the required time, even when no-one is at home.

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