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Wireless /wired control panel

The HSCU control unit is the most comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions.
Maximum safety: supervised Dual Band radio transmission and control of radio interference ensure safe communication between the control unit, detectors and alarm devices.
Total and differentiated management of alarms provides different signals to indicate approach, tampering, forced entry or break-ins through windows or doors, intrusion into protected areas, incipient fires or floods and other hazardous events.
In the event of an alarm the control unit calls the programmed telephone numbers, transmitting specific messages associated with the event.
The user can call the control unit to check and modify status as required, listen to ambient noise and activate electrical utilities, lights, automations, boilers etc.
The HSCU control unit answers in a clear voice, confirming and/or notifying of new events.
Deterrence and warning: the deterrent effect of the system is guaranteed by powerful indoor and/or outdoor sirens, also warning by means of vocal synthesis, light activation and activation of other deterrent devices.
Integrated 106 dB siren, with mute option, and low intensity buzzer.
Power at 230 Vac, the control unit can control up to 99 radio peripherals and up to 6 wired detectors with dedicated power supply; it is equipped with radio/wired outputs for alarm devices and for 18 home automation commands (16 radio commands + 2 relays).
No black-out: the backup battery (optional) enhances system safety, guaranteeing operation in the event of a power failure.
Everything under control: the HSCU1GCEN control unit works on the land line and GSM network, calling up to 63 telephone numbers, to which it can send up to 6 voice messages, 17 text messages (including 6 personalisable), as well as digital protocols if connected to an alarm receiving centre.
In less than optimal GSM coverage conditions, the control unit can be connected to an external antenna, thanks to the new SMA connector.

Wireless Outdoor alarm siren

Outdoor alarm siren with integrated flashing light, also on new Dual Band version via radio, with voice function.
Deterrent voice messages: the surprise effect of the HSSO1 model with voice function does not disturb neighbours but discourages and deters intruders.
The sound power of 116 dB(A), dissuades the intruder, while the flashing light enables illumination of the area where the alarm trips.
The flashing light and adjustable sound confirm activation and deactivation of the control unit.
Stylish and painstaking design: box with antifoam design equipped with protection against opening, detachment from wall, and break-in attempts.
HSSO1 siren via radio, bidirectional, powered by Battery Pack.
HSSOC wired siren, powered at 12 Vdc by the control unit, with internal backup battery (not supplied).

Indoor alarm siren via radio

Wireless technology, discreet design: easy installation, minimal visual impact.
Can be wall-mounted or, thanks to the compact dimensions, installed in concealed locations.
Highly deterrent sound power of 114 dB(A), timed at three minutes and able to signal system activation/deactivation with low intensity signals (with mute function).
Equipped with protection against opening.

Magnetic detector (windows detector) via radio

Supervised magnetic contact for intrusion protection through doors and windows. Supplied with an auxiliary wired input (NC/NO or with pulse count function) to connect a supplementary detector, for example, movement sensors for shutters with differentiated alarm. The auxiliary input can be acquired in the control unit with dedicated radio code.
Built-in intruder sensor.

Outdoor detector, via radio, For outdoor use

Self-protected against opening and removal.
Maximum safety in movement detection: dual control of intrusion for maximum limitation of improper alarms thereby improving safety performance, with virtual immunity to transit
of small animals thanks to the special lens profile.
HSDOM21 supervised dual technology (infrared + microwave) volumetric movement detector; with adjustment of sensitivity and infrared pulses.

Glass breakage via radio

Equipped with microphone device which detects the sound frequencies produced by glass breakage:
thus useful for integrating the protection of doors and windows such as shop windows.
Protection against opening of the housing; operates with one standard 9 V battery with a lifetime of approx. 2 years, depending on conditions.
Alarm log via Leds (flashing for 60 s).

Water leakage detector via radio

Detects the presence of liquids at a set height, activating transmission to the control unit and/or radio receiver.
Easy to install: connected with 2 wires to the terminal NO of the HSDID11 detector

Dual Band smoke detector via radio

Detects any concentrations of fine volatile powder caused by incipient fires, by photo-optical analysis of the air, with local alarm signal by means of a buzzer and the on-board Led, and simultaneous transmission of alarm signal via radio to the control unit and/or receiver.
Control and self-diagnostics: equipped with a device to indicate any operating faults caused by dust in the air and consequent deposits on the sensitive element.
Alarm signal via Led and buzzer

Remote control

bidirectional 433 MHz, Rolling Code.
4 keys dedicated to the alarm system for activation/deactivation and partial activation (programmable also for direct control of the HSTT receivers).
Programmable key with emergency call or antipanic function (direct activation of sirens) or for control of alternative partial activation.
Bidirectional: confirmation of operations thanks to the optical feedback. After sending the commands “ON”, “OFF” and “Partial ON” (orange Led lit) the Led displays the result (green = OFF; red = ON or partial ON).
4 programmable keys for control of the corresponding number of automations, individual or groups, or other manual commands.
Slim and ergonomic, with provision for attachment to key-ring.

Indoor motion detector

Infrared detector with vertical curtain lens, via radio, Dual Band, to protect doors and windows.
Supervised volumetric curtain lens detector with compact dimensions for the protection of doors and windows, also outdoors (if protected) to signal movement in the narrow band in front of the sensor.

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