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Swing gates open with a rotation around a fulcrum, just like an ordinary door. When the gate's doors open, they usually turn inward thus requiring specific internal space.

Knowing the dimensions and the approximate weight of the leaf gate, the sturdiness of the post and the leaf gate, the material it is made of, is necessary in order to choose the ideal automation system.

The automations are usually powered by the 230V supply and 24Vdc, which, thanks to the low voltage alimentation, guarantees a safer functioning.

Moreover, the 24Vdc power supply is recommended when an intensive use is necessary, which is usually requested for commercial and industrial application.

Are the leaf gate resistant, with a metallic or hard structure?

The recommended installation for a single or double leaf gate, if the space required for the opening of the leaf gate is reduced by the presence of walls or fences, is an endless screw motor, surface mounted.

It's also possible to choose among a wide range of motorizations, depending on the weight and the dimensions of the leaf gate, in order to have a system which is tailor-made, even if the leaf gate are big.

Are the leaf gate light? Are they wooden, PVC or aluminium made of? Are they set on jutting pillars?

The ideal automation is a compact, sturdy, articulated arm: it allows the leaf gate to move smoothly and effortlessly.

The articulated arm allows maximum ease of installation if there are walls or obstacles near the gate's post, or if the pillars are too narrow and light for other motorizations.

Are you looking for a minimum aesthetic solution impact?

The ideal motorization is the underground installation, totally invisible: elegant and perfect if you are looking for a discreet system in order to increase the aesthetical value of your entrance.
The automation system stands out for the reliability of its materials and the special treatments which ensure great resistance to corrosion and a perfect long-lasting functioning, also under extreme climatic conditions.

Do you want to automate a pedestrian entrance?

The ideal solution for pedestrian gates is an articulated arm motorization.

The gearmotor, which is extremely compact, is easily set on narrow pillars, even if their width is only 10cm, or whenever a pillar is set near a wall or fence.

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The wireless Nice Era touchscreen can manage all home automations, thanks to remote control of a maximum of 99 single controls.

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The HSCU control unit is the most comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions.

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The sliding gate can be operated by a radio control, with the aid of a digital or key-operated selector, or directly via mobile phone.

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A simple click is sufficient to open the garage door without having to get out of the car!

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Barrier gates are what you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.

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Shutters can be raised or lowered at the required time, even when no-one is at home.

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