Equicare Company Egypt :

Equicare Company was established in 1997 working in the field of gate automation. In 1998 Equicare Company became the sole agent of NICE Company of Italy in Egypt. Its full range of automatic gate kits are installed on currently available and working gates or on tailor made and manufactured ones.

The automation offers the facility of opening and closing your gates with a push button. The logic control in the system allows for various other automatic features. The safety measures are fully installed according to the guidelines of European community requirements and levels. In fact, our new generation of self-coding remote controls, safety has taken major leaps forward.

Automatic barriers for entranceways, parking areas are another field that Equicare Company has utilized to enlarge its scope of competitiveness in the market.

All the above facilities are controlled via different methods of which some are remote controls, key switches, numerical switch, photo beam entrance, magnetic field intersection and/or proximity card readers.

Guarantee policies are provided for twelve months against manufacturing defects with monthly maintenance visits during guarantee periods free of charge which is an exclusive feature supplied only by Equicare Company. After the guarantee periods yearly maintenance contracts are recommended to all our clients to ensure excellent after sales service.

During the past five years and with the further development of our clientele base, and market demand, Equicare Company has stepped into the field of light control system for homes, alarm systems, intercom system and sound diffusion.

At that point my realization of Equicare diversifying into becoming a leading home automation company became a more tangible target with its cooperation with Bitchino. Accordingly, our mutual cooperation with all residential compounds that we are strongly affiliated with brings forward vital ideas and smarter needs that we continue to promote.

Very kind regards,
Eng. Khaled Assem

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What is Home Automation?

Home Automation can be as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights. You can have the security as the central application. You can choose to install advanced controllers or use voice recognition. So home automation is anything that gives you remote or automatic control of things around the home in the most simple way.

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you can control the whole range of automations for gates, garages, awnings and rolling shutters, alarm systems as well as irrigation and lighting systems and electrical loads; each single automation or groups of automations.

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